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There's no getting around it, Welling on Wall Street is a professional service, designed with the needs and interests of institutional and other professional investors and investment managers and in mind. Not because pros have a lock on financial enlightenment, but -- to be blunt -- because they're still willing, in the internet age, to pay good money for value received. 

Kate shares her hard-earned intellectual capital in each and every issue of WOWS, and her business model demands that subscribers pay for her work at rates commensurate to its value to them. That does not necessarily freeze out intrepid individual investors from enjoying the benefits of a WOWS subscription -- she'd love to welcome you to her fold. Investment savvy has never been institutionalized.  But it does require that you negotiate a reasonable professional rate.     

Go ahead, peruse the sample copies available on the public side of WOWS' website. If you'd like to trial a subscription, or want further information, simply fill in the form below with your name and preferred email address. WOWS' Don Boyle will contact you shortly with subscription details. We never sell or share clients' personal information.

If time is of the essence, feel free to give Don a call, at 631.315.5077, or email, Don@Wellingonwallst.com. Via text, use 201.394.1548.

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