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Kate publishes 15 research journals per year.  We think you will be pleased to experience Kate's 40-plus years of professional investment perspective, journalistic brio, insightful interviews with leaders in the investment community, and her intrepid tackling of tough topics about to light up the radar screens of investors across the globe.  She values and recognizes her exclusive readership as many of the most savvy and perceptive investors extant. 

We realize that with the slew of investment research available, it takes a while to review a new product, and to assess its worth.  With that in mind, for evaluation purposes we are pleased to provide qualified institutional investors a two-month complimentary subscription which normally consists of 4 issues of Kate's journal, with access to all archives.  

Thereafter, like clockwork, Don Boyle will be back in touch with you by phone or email and merely inquire if you wish to continue to receive WellingonWallSt. as a paid-up client. If "yes", great, just tell us who to invoice and we will take care of the rest.  If "no", just tell us that also, and it is not the slightest problem — for us! 

Complimentary trials and subscriptions for institutional investors are most welcome and are easily arranged by contacting Don Boyle, at Don@WellingonWallSt.com. Or give him a call at 631.315.5077. Any CSA, CCA or B/D you would like to use to pay for your subscription works for us -- and we'll also gladly make hard dollar arrangements, Just give us your contact information. We will take care of the rest and send you an audit copy of the invoice.


All rights reserved and vigorously enforced. Copyright infringement may result in forfeiture of subscription and substantial monetary penalties.

For clients' use only. No password sharing or other types of re-distribution permitted. Limited reuse rights may be granted to clients -- but only by prior written agreement.

Fees are non-refundable. Subscriptions are for periods stated in invoice. Clients are automatically invoiced for successive renewal periods. Invoices are due and payable 30 days after issuance.  Clients whose subscription payments are not received within 45 days of the due date default on their subscriptions and all related benefits and considerations. Payment of this invoice constitutes acceptance of WOWS' terms of service.

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